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A juice cleanse is an ideal way to give your body the nutrients it needs from pure, fresh produce, while giving the system a break to detoxify.  Choose your own personalized cleanse that provide you the opportunity to reset your digestive system, detoxify your body, and welcome new positive habits. Our cleanses are set up with 3 stages and depending on your needs you can choose just one phase or work through the 3 in order. You may also choose the duration of each phase.

Prep (Stage 1) 

$65 per day with prepared food.

Includes 3 Juices • 2 Elixirs • 3 Plant-Based Meals 

  • Gradually prepare your body to remove solid foods from your diet
  • Build a heightened awareness of what and when you eat 
  • Begin to adjust to heightened nourishment and new organic intakes 

Cleanse (Stage 2)

$45 per day

Includes 5 Juices • 1 Nut Milk • 2 Elixirs

  • Reset and clear out your digestive system
  • Eliminate built-up toxins in your body
  • Reinforce your will with positive and motivating intentions 

Reset (Stage 3)

$65 per day with prepared food.

Includes 3 Juices • 2 Elixirs • 3 Plant-Based Meals 

  • Allow your body to re-adapt to solid foods gradually
  • Allow your body to re-adapt to solid foods gradually
  • Promote plant-based foods as a staple part of your diet
  • Establish lasting positive habits 

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Vibe Eatery & Juice Co. provides delicious, healthy, plant based dishes for breakfast, lunch & dinner, along with cold pressed juices, smoothies, coffee, tea & specialty hot beverages in a relaxing yet quick service environment. Located in the heart of downtown, we are the perfect location to stop in for a healthy, filling meal or a refreshing drink. We choose to provide our clients with Organic & Local produce whenever and wherever possible. 

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