We Are Back Baby!

I am continually inspired by the optimism & resilience I have seen in our great city of Sault Ste. Marie this past month. During a tough time people & businesses have had to adapt to this new reality we are facing & at Vibe Eatery we have been
doing the same.  

Our health has never been more important & it is during times like these that we
need to continue moving our bodies, eating well & drinking the dang water.  

With that said, I am excited to share that starting next Tuesday, April 14th, we will be re-opening our doors to offer our signature healthy food & beverage options for all of you. 

We will be operating with modified hours (check our website & instagram for
updates on this) & will offer take out & delivery a few times/week.  

All orders should be made using our Vibe Eatery App found in your app store or over the phone (705) 949-8423.   

We will be here to serve you & ask that you support us in any way you can
whether that is ordering for yourself, your family, coworkers etc.

We are #InThisTogether & are so very grateful to the support & love you have all
shown us during this time. 

Thank you so much for being part of everything we do at Vibe Eatery. See you next week friends. Kristy & the Vibe Team.
Our revised menu will be viewable on our Vibe Eatery App Sunday April 12th.  

Next Weeks Hours – Tuesday-Saturday 11:30am-5:00pm
3-112 March Street
Sault Ste. Marie, ON P6A 2Z3, Canada

What’s in my bag?

I have secretly always loved getting a sneak peek into what’s inside other peoples purses. Not like in a creepy way. I would never sneak a peek without permission but in magazines I like those articles a lot that show a certain celebrity or personality and what they carry with them.

For some reason I have always believed a womans purse was off limits and super private.  Anyone else feel that way? Why is that? Even if someone asks me to grab something for them from their bag I feel like I’m imposing or breaking a rule. So weird.  

Maybe that’s why I always find it fun and fascinating to see the products or items women can’t live without or the random crazy thing you always have with you.  It tells a lot about someone and how they live their life so I thought I would share a sneak peek into my bag. Here goes…….

Disclaimer: Roots has not paid me for this I just clearly really love their stuff.

  1. Roots Bag – West End Hobo in Fawn.
  2. Goal Getter Water Bottle from The Hollis Co. This was a gift in my coaching kit. I never go anywhere without water.
  3. Can Prev ElectroMag Powder Packs of Electrolytes – purchased from the Country Way.
  4. Apple earphones.
  5. doTERRA Citrus Bliss hand cream. I especially love this in the winter when my skin needs a little extra love.
  6. Roots Wallet – circa 1996. I have literally had this most of my life. Got it from my first boyfriend and unlike that relationship it has stood the test of time. Thanks JS.
  7. Onesie for Evan – Poopsplosions happen when you are unprepared so I always carry a spare with me.
  8. Infantino chew toy to keep my boy entertained & happy. He is currently cutting his bottom teeth.
  9. Mints – because, you never know.
  10. Roots Passport case & passport because who knows when you might need or want to travel.
  11. Roots Medium zip pouch to hold all my lipsticks, glosses etc. (see below for a deep dive into my addiction). Helps keep my purse organized and clutter free.
  12. My Apple iPhone 7 Plus
  13. Huggies baby wipes pouch & diapers
  14. My Business Cards – I love this TD one and have had it for years
  15. Colibri Canada Reusable Snack Pouches for Noah from Stork & Bundle.
  16. Love Child Organic Veggie & Fruit Puree pouches for Noah because toddlers are happier when fed.
I may have a slight problem….clearly I love brights & all things doTERRA.

So there you have it folks. My secrets are revealed.

Until next time, XO


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Happy New Year

It’s Kristy here from Vibe Eatery & Juice Co. and I really wanted to connect with all of you because it’s been a while and something epic is happening right now.

Yes, I know we are already a week in, but I didn’t want to bombard you at the start of the new year plus I secretly thought my email might get lost amongst all your other new year ones.   

Newsflash! We didn’t just start a new year people…we started a new decade and how cool is it that we are now living in the year 2020.  When I think if 2020, I think of perfect vision or clarity of sight, and when I think of that I try to envision as clearly as I can the most empowered, vibrant, healthy and fully alive version of myself possible.

As I set out to finish off 2019 strong, I started planning my future year. I turn 40 this year and maybe that’s one of the reasons I was so passionate about being intentional about this year.  I want it to count.  Who doesn’t? 

Last year as part of my personal growth I started listening to podcasts during idle time in my day like driving in the car, folding laundry, breastfeeding, cooking dinner etc.  and I loved it. It opened me up to new ways of thinking, pointed me in the direction of some of the best books and leaders I had ever come across in my life to this point and I really enjoyed it.  I also never road rage because I no longer mind being in my car if I am engaged in a thought-provoking podcast.  What I also loved about this was that I felt more productive.  Do you have any idea how many hours I spend breastfeeding in a 24-hour period lol……that’s a lot of podcasts folks.

On one of these podcasts a speaker named John Maxwell made the comment that you are either growing or you are dying and I am 100% sure all of you would prefer to be growing so whether you like new year’s resolutions or not I highly suggest you try these game changing things in 2020 or spend the time focused on ways that you can grow yourself physically, emotionally, professionally, creatively, whatever….just grow.

1. Start Listening to Podcasts 

My first obsession this year was the Rise Podcast by Rachel Hollis. She is a powerhouse and a bit of a firecracker which I loved and ladies she is the first woman podcaster to be featured in the Business category so there’s that.  A few others I love are;

2. Read Instead of Watching TV 

How many of you are guilty of popping yourself in front of a TV without the faintest idea of what you really want to watch and just allowing the TV guide or Netflix to tell you what you want?  You know I am right and we have all done it but what if you made a different choice and instead of filling your eyes, ears and brain with the psychotic behaviour of Joe from the Netflix series “You” for example, you actually thought about an area of your life you would like to grow in and read a book instead.   Benefits are that you will learn, a side benefit is that you will actually sleep better too. Studies show that reducing screen time before bed helps with sleep.

3. Drink Water and lots of it 

Your body is a well-oiled machine…or it should be.  In order to function properly like any good piece of machinery your body needs fuel (good food and water).  You all know I love to eat healthy foods hence why I opened Vibe Eatery but did you also know that just to function properly your organs require approx. 1.5 litres of water a day.  In order to function optimally you need more than that. I drink my body weight in ounces …. yes, you heard that correctly.  So, if you weigh 150lbs you should drink 150 ounces of water which is 4.4 litres.  I legit carry a 1 litre bottle of water with me everywhere I go and that’s how I get it done.  Side benefits are your skin will glow, your body will be detoxed, you regulate your body temperature better, it lubricates the joints and so much more. Yes, of course you pee more often but who cares…. Nurses probably care actually because I know how hard it must be to get a pee break when you’re a nurse. 

4. Go to bed at a set bedtime 

You might not want to admit this but just like toddlers need sleep or they turn into tyrants, we grown-ups need sleep just as much.   My Son Noah turns into a raging lunatic after 7:30PM so my husband and I just know that is his cut-off time and it is in everyone’s best interest if we get him down by then.  You are no different and if you think for one second that you are beyond behaving like a toddler think again.  When you stay up late you are more irritable, less rational, more emotionally unstable and you want snacks….am I right?  Set a bed time, plan your life around that and stick to it.  Start getting ready for bed 2 hours before your set time.  Drink a relaxing tea, put technology away, read a book in your pj’s etc. but start shutting down.

5. Exercise 

Don’t make yourself do something physical that you hate.  Choose something you like. Keep trying different types of workouts until you find something you enjoy. It shouldn’t feel like punishment.  Moving your body for 30 minutes every day should be a celebration of what your body can do vs punishment for what you’ve eaten.  Think about that.

I am passionate about healthy food, but also just general wellness and I hope you have all started the new year off well.  If you are around town pop in to see us and say Hi and if you are looking for some healthy food options, then we would love to see you.

Until next time,

Eat Well, Feel Well, Live Well


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Why Organic?

As of 2016, American consumers alone spent 43 billion dollars on organic products. This may seem like a lot, but we definitely understand why so many people, like us, are making the decision to go organic. We’ve found eating organic helps fulfill our mission to “Eat well. Feel well. Live well,” and there’s plenty of more scientific reasons why eating organic is a really good thing.

So, what does organic actually mean? For food to be considered organic, it must be grown or raised under specific conditions which vary from country to country, but food will usually be grown without the use of synthetic pesticides, irradiation, biotechnology, petroleum-based fertilizers, or sewage sludge-based fertilizers. Organic livestock, similarly, will usually be raised on organic feed without antibiotics and hormones, and will be given some access to the outdoors. Even just with the definition of organic food some of the benefits seem fairly clear, but let’s discuss four of the reasons why we think organic is the way to go.

Organic Products Give You More of What You Need

We’ve all heard of antioxidants, right? According to Eatright Ontario, they can lower your risk of cancer and protect cells from damage. Many fruits and vegetables, as well as other foods, have antioxidants, but did you know organic foods have significantly more antioxidants than non-organic foods? In fact, according to a study by the European Union organic fruits and vegetables can have up to 50% more antioxidants than non-organic products. Why not get more of the good stuff in your diet?

And Less of What You Don’t

It seems fairly obvious that our bodies just aren’t built to deal with the many chemicals we often put in them. The consumption of chemicals in pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers has been linked to many diseases, including certain types of cancers, infertility, cardiac disease and immune and endocrine disorders. Genetically modified foods have also been linked to a decrease in immune system function as well as other damaging effects. Pesticides have been shown to be particularly dangerous for fetuses, children, and pregnant women. So, even if you can’t eat strictly organic, if you can make the decision to eat organic while you’re pregnant or while your kids are young, this can be well worth it.

If you can’t afford to buy only organic food, this website gives a list of some foods which often contain higher and lower amounts of pesticides: http://www.mindbodygreen.com/0-14763/a-doctors-top-4-reasons-to-eat-organic.html

Buying Organic Helps You Care for the Earth and its Animals

Supporting organic farmers is an important way to help the earth. Modern methods of farming erode the soil and use chemicals that persist in the environment for years and often end up in drinking water, harming animals and humans. Organic methods of farming are also more humane towards animals, so, if earth and animals are a cause you care about, buying organic can be a great way to make a difference.

Oh yeah, and Organic Food Tastes Great

Once you try organic fruits and veggies, you’ll find the non-chemical ridden, fresh taste unbeatable. Plus, knowing the food you’re eating is so much healthier and full of the awesome vitamins and anti-oxidants you need may make you enjoy it even more. Give some organic juice or plant-based food a try at Vibe Eatery & Juice Co. and notice the difference!










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